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Please check out the new Beowulf text here: AP/Standard Beowulf Text

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Hello students, parents and friends,

My name is Ms. Whitted and it is my distinct pleasure to teach you/your child for the length of time he/she is assigned to my classroom. Below are a copious amount of important documents you should peruse. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at:ywhitted@gmail.com

E-mail is the best venue of communication for me.

Extremely Important Information About Ms. Whitted's Grading Policies:

  • She does not provide extra credit.
  • She does not give out make-up work packets.
  • She DOES work proactively with parents to assure they are abreast with the information they need to know about their child's success in the class (or lack thereof).
  • She provides ELECTRONIC progress reports. If you would like one, please e-mail a request to ywhitted@gmail.com.
  • She does not accept assignments more than three days late. Assignments that are late are assessed a seven point penalty each day until they are turned in (this includes weekends). On the fourth day, student work is not accepted and the student recieves a 10% grade. Here are the following exceptions to this policy: Students who are sick are given up to five days to turn in missed work. Students who have an IEP, a 504 Transition Plan or are Homebound will be assessed according to their prescribed paperwork.
  • Ms. Whitted has a NO zero policy; however, students who recieve 10% as a grade for a missed assignment must understand that he/she will still receive a failing grade.

Current Unit Documents:

At the beginning of the school year, we started Unit 1 with Beowulf:


In Unit II, we will explore Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Get ready to create your own short film version of a tale.

Are you having a difficult time keeping up with the reading and assignments? Here are the Tales:

http://librarius.com/cantales.htm (Check the sliding menu on the left)

Would you rather listen to the tales?

Listen To The Canterbury Tales <------------You've got it! ;

After Canterbury Tales, we'll begin Unit III with Aristotle's Poetics' tenets of Tragedy and the Tragic Hero:

If you've lost your version of Othello, here are BOTH the Modern as well as the Shakespearean version (remember, I will NOT make more copies):

Modern and Shakespearean Version of Othello

Rendering Rhetoric! Keeping it Rhetorical (Well, not really):

The Poetry...The Poetry Terminology Powerpoint will help you better understand the literary devices you are expected to analyze for this course:

We will continue to review Satire in each genre we cover. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this section of the class:

Parody vs Satire

Satirical Devices

Helpful Websites:

Our Project Display Table
Vocab Ahead

Interactive Learning Site Skool i.e. for students, teachers and parents


My Favorite Causes: