AP English IV Projects & VideosAlthough AP English IV is a very rigorous course, we still have plenty of fun creating a plethora of higher-order projects that demonstrate each students' unique abilities to deliver their interpretation of classic literature with modern flare. Othello Movie Trailer Project

The Cheerleaders Tale

This is a modern silent film of the Pardoner's Tale. For those of you who haven't read Chaucer's tale, it is about three men who decide to find death and kill him. As they go to find death, they find an old man that one believes is death's spy. Rather than killing him, the young men take his advise to go find death under a tree...they find gold there and they kill one another in a plot to have the gold to themselves. They do indeed find death under that tree...let's see what these cheerleaders find as they seek the coveted position of Cheer-leading Captain. In "A Cheerleader's Tale."

The Wife of Bath Tale (Movie Trailer)

This is one of the best videos produced from our Canterbury Tales Remix Project. This is from one of Accelerated Standard English IV classes. What an excellent and impressive job you guys have done!

Could you imagine what great things these students could do with the equipment we've request on www.donorschoose.org. Thank you for your support.